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MAAYAN Natural Spring H20

Dear Friend,

The purchase of MAAYAN Natural Spring H20 helps support two funds that were created in direct response to the recent terrorism in Israel. The Koby Mandell Foundation was established by Koby's parents in his memory; he was murdered in May, 2001 at the age of 13. The fund provides special services and recreational opportunities to children whose parents or siblings have been killed. ONE FAMILY FUND provides direct financial, legal and emotional assistance to the victims of terrorism.

MAAYAN Natural Spring H20 was created primarily for the purpose of Jewish organizations, synagogues and schools having a tangible product to use for fundraising purposes. In addition, the water itself is a promotional item that helps to increase awareness of how these two important funds address the needs of terror victims in Israel.

For more information about ordering MAAYAN Natural Spring H20 or selling it as part of any fundraiser, call us at 305.770.1310 or email Please ask about our other fundraisers for Israel.

To learn more about the funds MAAYAN supports, please visit their websites at:

Thank you for your interest in MAAYAN Natural Spring H20. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sivia Dreyfuss
Creator of MAAYAN Natural Spring Water

Case of 24 bottles - $18

Maayan Water Label
Case of 24 bottles - $18

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