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Magents, Stickers & Greeting Cards

actual magnet size - oval: 3.5"x5.0"; rectangle: 3"x5"
actual sticker size - oval: 3.125"x4.825"; rectangle: 3"x5"
actual card size - rectangle: 4.25"x5.50"

Mix & Match any 6 for $18

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Care Sportswear Care Sportswear: Wearable greetings - Show you care by what you wear!

Magents, Stickers & Greeting Cards

Perfect for car or fridge!

Speak Lashon Tov Speak Lashon Tov saying positive things about one another; the opposite: lashon harah (evil gossip)
Daven With Kavanah Daven With Kavanah pray with feeling
Tikkun Olam Tikkun Olam literally: 'repair' the world; Jewish definition of mankind's job in this world
Gam Zu Latovah Gam Zu Latovah everything happens for the good
61341 61341 613 commandments for one Hashem
Shalom Al Yisrael Shalom Al Yisrael peace for all of Israel
Got Chutzpah Got Chutzpah got spirit, nerve, boldness, conviction, 'guts'
Kayn Aynhoreh Kayn Aynhoreh (Yiddish) pooh, pooh, pooh; said to ward off the evil eye; like 'knock on wood'
Avahat Yisrael Baneshama Ahavat Yisrael Baneshama love Israel with your whole soul
Love People Not Things
Avahat Yisrael Ahavat Yisrael love Israel
Proud2BMot Proud2BMot proud to be member of the tribe
Do A Mitzvah Do A Mitzvah do a good deed
Ki Vah Moed Ki Vah Moed the time has come
Thank G-d Thank G-d use the dash to not write g-ds name in vain
Tzedaka Vechesed Tzedaka Vechesed charity and lovingkindness
Am Yisrael Chai 4Ever Am Yisrael Chai 4Ever the people of Israel live forever
Zayt Gezunt Zayt Gezunt (literally: be healthy); used as a farewell greeting: you should go in good health
Bli Ayin Harah Bli Ayin Harah (Hebrew) pooh, pooh, pooh; said to ward off the evil eye; like 'knock on wood'
Let's not meat by accident
What's Your Mood
Let's Drum Together And Feel Alright
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Green Light Greeting Cards - Go ahead and send 'em!

Greeting Cards

Speak Lashon Tov
Daven With Kavanah
Tikkun Olam
Gam Zu Latovah
Shalom Al Yisrael
Got Chutzpah
Kayn Aynhoreh
Avahat Yisrael Baneshama
Avahat Yisrael
Do A Mitzvah
Ki Vah Moed
Thanks G-d
Tzedaka Vechesed
Am Yisrael Chai 4Ever
Zayt Gezunt
Bli Ayin Harah
Love People Not Things
What's Your Mood?
Message inside card - optional
One World. One Heart.


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