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My First Lovie
My First Lovie

My First Lovie is a cozy throw for baby - Great for placing baby on changing table, bed or floor underneath activity gym. Use later as a pillowcase or sleeping bag.

My First Lovie's are sold as pre-paid gift cards, whereby the recipient can select their choice of pattern. Their blanket is made-to-order and shipped directly to them.

A completed My First Lovie - Turtles/Yellow

$29.95 + $4.95 S&H = $34.90

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Daisies/Dark Pink
Daisies/Dark Pink
Butterflies/Dark Pink
Butterflies/Dark Pink
Pink, Dotted/Pink
Pink Dots/Pink
Pink, Dotted/Yellow
Pink Dots/Yellow
Pink, Dotted/Ivory
Pink Dots/Ivory
Shooting Stars/Pink, Dotted
Shooting Stars/Pink Dots
Shooting Stars/Blue, Dotted
Shooting Stars/Blue Dots
Shooting Stars/Yellow
Shooting Stars/Yellow
Blue, Dotted/Yellow
Blue Dots/Yellow
Blue, Dotted/Ivory
Blue Dots/Ivory
Teddy Bears/Ivory
Teddy Bears/Ivory
Mailing Sticker
My First Lovie Gift Tag
Blanket Tag Front
My First Lovie Blanket Tag Front
Blanket Tag Back
My First Lovie Blanket Tag Back
Gift Card Front
My First Lovie Gift Card Fundraiser Ver. Front
Gift Card Back
My First Lovie Gift Card Fundraiser Ver. Back
Flyer Front
My First Lovie Flyer Front
Flyer Back
My First Lovie Flyer Back
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