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Be Safe, Help Yourself. Help Others.

Safety First Aid Kit

Versatile, economical kit for home & auto use

Vinyl Case Includes: Antiseptic Wipe, Triple Antibiotic Ointment, First Aid Instruction Card, 3/4"x3" Bandage Strips (5), Knuckle Bandage, 2"x3" Non-Adherent Pads (2), Safety Gloves (1 pair), Instant Cold Pack, Tape (1 roll), Auto Distress Flag, Road Flare, and Unique Soft-Pack Case.

Kitchen Fire Extinguisher (12oz.)

Needed in every home to combat fires.

Keep in Kitchen where most home fires start. Product Features:

  • For Use on Liquid & Grease Fires
  • Non-toxic Foam Prevents Re-Ignition
  • Biodegradable & Environmentally Safe
  • Accurate Spray Nozzle
  • Free Replacement after Emergency Use or After Expiration of Two-Year Warranty

Contents U.L. Approved - 3MŽ Aqueous Film Forming Foam

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