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Image Magazine Article, Dec 06

Image Magazine Article, Dec 06
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The Green Light Project (GLP) is the cause-related fundraising arm of Time Promotions. Its mission is to raise awareness and funds for organizations that help child victims of terror, war, natural disaster or illness. Ten percent of the profit of all GLP products is donated to beneficiaries that directly assist children in need. The GLP is a proud supporter of The Koby Mandell Foundation ( and the OneFamily Fund (

The GLP is dedicated to providing viable fundraisers for charitable organizations, while at the same time realizing its own mission. The GLP's unique promotional items help to achieve this goal, as the products themselves help to increase awareness of how various funds address the needs of child victims. Young people can participate in the GLP by incorporating its mission into their own 'mitzvah project.' GLP products are available wholesale to individual students as well as non-profits and retail stores.

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Feelings Stuff

The Feelings products are created from the popular poster "How Are You Feeling Today?" by Pulitzer Prize winner and 2006 Editorial Cartoonist of the Year, Jim Borgman. They are wonderful visual aids that help to identify, express and share your feelings.

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